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 SWEETBROOKS, LLC recently purchased the M.S. Brooks & Sons Factory in Chester, Connecticut.
 Being descendants of the of Brooks family, the Members of SWEETBROOKS are dedicated to bring life back to the factory which helped Chester become the town it is today, while maintaining the character and ambience of both Chester and Liberty Street.
 With no formal plans for redevelopment, Sweetbrooks intends to work with the town and residents to make the former factory an asset to Chester like is was in the past.
We are currently looking at both short and long term Leasing opportunities and welcome any inquires or advice from concerned citizens.
Feel free to email us at: sweetbrooksllc@gmail.com


n 1848, Simeon Brooks begins manufacturing wood screws and screw eyes in Chester factory – the first to do this in America.  Chester’s population was less than one thousand, electric energy did not yet exist, and transportation was by stage coach and river boat. The factory was powered by water turbine located beside Great Brook.

With his son Merritt, the business prospered and continued to be operated by various members of the Brooks family until sometime in the 1980’s. Merritt’s sons Hilton and Simeon, then Hilton alone, then Hilton’s sons Louis and Malcolm followed their family members into the business.


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